Contoh Dialog Greeting

1. contoh greeting dialog

A: Hi, Budi! How are you today
B: Fine, and you?
A: Just fine. Where are you off to?
B: To the library. I’ve got a history exam next week and need to start studying.
A: Oh my god. Well, I’ll see you later then and good luck!
B: Thanks. See you later.

2. Dialog tentang Greeting, contohnya​


Maya:Hi Good Morning Adi!

Adi:Good Morning Maya!

Maya:How Are You Today?

Adi: I'm Fine Thanks,And How About You Maya?

Maya: I'm Fine Thanks

3. contoh dialog greeting​


Bennett: Good morning, Razor! How are you?

Razor: Good morning! I'm fine. What about you, Bennett?

Bennett: I'm good too.


Ryan : welcome to my house, carl.

carl : thank you, ryan.

ryan's mom : who is him?

ryan : he is my friend, his name is carl.

ryan's mom : oh welcome to our house, carl.


r: good morning carl

c: good morning too ryan

r: hows your day

c:good how about you

r: good

r: i have to go, see you later bye

c: bye

jangan lupa jadikan jawaban tercerdas

4. contoh dialog kalimat sapaan / greeting 8 kalimat

mike : hi ..
bob : hi
mike : what is your name ?
bob : my name is bobby ,, you can call me bob
mike : hallo bob ,, my name is mike
bob : hallo mike ,, how are you ?
mike : i'm fine , and you ?
bob : i'm fine too ,, thank's you
mike : you're welcome
#maaf ya kalau salah#

5. Contoh dialog yang terkait dengan greeting ?

Edo : Good Morning, Nina. How Are You?

Nina : I'm Fine. Thanks

6. contoh dialog yang isinya greeting,asking identity dan closing


John:hello,My name is John.
Sam:Hello my name is Sam
John:How are you?
Sam:Im fine.How are you?
John:Im Fine.
Sam:How old are you?
John:I'm 15.How about you?
Sam:I'm 14
John:I must go to minimarket.Bye

Semoga membantu :)

7. Contoh dialog greeting dalam bahasa inggris yang ungkapan greeting nya digaris bawahi

"Shiva: Good Morning Fina, How Are You?
Fina : Good Morning Shiva, Im Fine Thank You and You?
Shiva: Im Fine Too, " Do you want to join my birthday party tonight?
Fina: Sorry, I Have to go to Bandung City Tonight
Shiva: Okay..
Fina : Sorry, I Have to go now, Bye See you next time
Shiva : Bye, See You

yang di dalam tanda petik ("") itu greeting

8. Contoh dialog Greeting(minimal 7 kalimat)

Greetings A. (Acquaintances)

Matt: Good morning.

Maxine: Good morning.

How are you today?

Matt: Just fine, thanks. How are you?

Maxine: Wonderful. Things couldn’t be better.

B. (Good Friends)

Dotty: Hi. What’s up?

Vivian: Nothing much. What’s new with you?

Dotty: Not too much. I’ve been pretty busy.

Vivian: Me too. Seems like all I do is eat and sleep.

Dotty: Gotta go. Call me tonight. Vivian: Okay. Check you later.

C. (Family)

Mother: Good morning.

Son: Morning. What’s for breakfast?

Mother: The usual. Eggs, toast, and cereal. Coffee, if you want.

Son: I think I’ll just have cereal for a change.

Mother: Help yourself. The cereal and sugar are on the table. The milk’s in the refrigerator


maaf masih kurang hanya itu yg saya tahu

9. contoh dialog yang ada greeting dan leave tiking​


Prince : Hello princess, good morning

Princess : Hello prince, and good morning too.

Prince : How are you princess?

Princess : i'm fine what about you?

Prince : Me too

Princess : oh good, bye the way i have to go now prince. bye see you!

Prince : oh okay, see you too.

jadikan yg terbaik ya jawabannya dan jangan lupa follow aku zeyeng

10. contoh dialog leave greeting

dialog leave talking :
a : sorry, i have to go now.
b : sure,see you
a : see you

c : nice to meet you
d : you too.. see you tomorrow
c : see you

dialog greeting
d : hi, good morning!
e : hi, good morning!

g : hello, how are you,today?
h : hello, i'm fine and you?
g : i'm fine to. thanks

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